Adult Faith Formation

Discipleship University (DU) is a new way of doing Sunday School.  We seek to put believers of all ages in the room together who are desiring to learn about a particular subject.  Our classes are six weeks long, intergenerational, and vary in format (video, discussion, book study, etc.).  The classes fall into four categories:  Biblical Studies, Christ and Culture, Christian Formation, and Christian Thought.  The learner chooses which class would be best to gain knowledge and live the Christian faith.  Current classes are always found in the worship bulletin and there are signs outside the classrooms to let you know what class meets there and the DU dates. 

Every seventh Sunday we meet for a Fellowship Breakfast during the DU hour before starting the next session.  We hope you will join us to start Sundays off in community learning, sharing, and getting to know others in the church through study.